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The Envy of Success

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frogs 1175794 19201 - The Envy of SuccessI used to get irritated or frustrated when I heard about the million dollar success internet marketer stories. I felt like I was being lied to. It made me feel crushed and lost, and like I wanted to give up.

I think alot of people had some crazy idea that on-line fortunes are made with a click of a button while you sleep, but that is a result of some very misleading and poor marketing from early on, when that was a common way for marketers to get your attention and impress you. You probably were lied to. There is no business that is easy street, whether it is brick and mortar or online. Period. Overnight success NEVER happens overnight! You have to put the time and effort in, and be CONSISTENT.

Don’t worry about what others are doing just be real be honest and add value. Be your best authentic self, and keep sharing information as you learn new things. You’ll go along way. There’s always a lot of gimmicks out there, I know because I bought them all (well, most of them). I’ve taken a lot of courses bought up software products over the last 7 years I can tell you there is no one formula no simple push button answer you just have to get down to doing the hard work. You have to be committed and have to be consistent. If you’re not up for that task then this industry is not for you. I just saved you thousands of dollars and thousands of hours, you’re welcome.

Some great advice I got recently from one of my friends and mentors, Julie Stoian suggested this. Find success stories where someone went from zero to 2K, in baby steps. You will be able to relate better, and not get overwhelmed. Follow them in what they do, listen to their advice.

The folks who are pulling in the millions had to take many steps to get there. Take baby steps, follow someone who you can break down…Pick someone you can relate to, then as you grow find another to follow who is in your new level of expertise and financial range.

Be a great example of someone who works hard to give value and stay abreast of trends and share constantly. You will be appreciated, and admired!


How to Lose a Customer in 5 Days or Less

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We had a pipe burst a few months ago in my rental condo, and had to replace the kitchen and bath. After losing the first contractor due to a sudden hurricane and busy construction season, we found another one. The new contractor knew that we had a deadline, so he met with the management people to get approval for the project.

He told me they would have this all done on time…then there was one guy who showed up for 5 days straight building and installing cabinets. Although a bit slow and methodic, he did a good job. Then I was told they were going to put the tile in on Monday..Then on Monday morning I got a call that the tile was discontinued and we have to order something else.but wait! I was already told on Friday the contractor had the tile and was to install it on Monday. Then the wife of the contractor began explaining and backpedaling all of the above, and at that point, none of the stories matched! When I couldn’t reach him by phone I sent a text trying to get answers of what exactly was going on. Then I was accused of harrassing him and he said it will take even longer if I keep harrassing him! Great customer communication! NOT.

Why You Should Talk to Your Customers and How

If you make a mistake then own up to it, asap! Be proactive, make that phone call. Smooth over the wrinkles in the project, explain what went wrong, and if it was your mistake, say so. If it was a mistake on their end be courteous, remember the old adage, the customer is always right…just tell them you will make it right, then DO IT!

Managing Customer Expectations

There is nothing worse than leaving a customer hanging, confused, frustrated, bewildered about what is going on with your project. Then the next thing that happens is Lack of Trust. Of course, why not! You have not told them your game plan, production schedule, process, or any of that. If you had laid out a process for your service and reviewed it with your client, you would have managed expectations up front, and they would not have to worry. If something gets delayed, contact them, and explain why. Most people will be ok with that. They just want to know what to expect and when.

Do that, and you will always have a happy customer!

When you leave them hanging, they will get more upset, and all will escalate.


Have a New Business? Need a Fresh Website Update?

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Traffic Tips

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The Time is Now!

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Your Journey Begins Here

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OTreveal3My husband was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of last year. And that was after he just lost his 6 figure income corporate job. After 8 months of cancer treatment and fighting for his life to get back to good health and still working on it, he is finally cancer free. Yes, we are very grateful and fortunate, but it is never the wakeup call one wishes for.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I don’t want you to wait until something drastic happens to begin working on changing your life for the better.

If you are serious about securing your family’s future, you have to be seriously committed to do the work. I know you have heard it said, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.” You only get one shot.

You may have been poking around a bit here and there, maybe even generated a few dollars on line. And you probably have more software on your hard drive than you can remember what it does, and most of it is probably outdated, if you’re anything like me. You may have also heard that you need to build a list, and drive traffic, that’s all there is to it! Simple, right? Not so simple, and there are no quick and easy automatic machines that do it all for you, either.

I have been getting the most amazing training from Dean Holland and Louis Doughty, two of my amazing mentors. They teach you the details, the real deal, and even some Ninja tricks that work! They break down the techie into bite size pieces that any techno-phobe could understand (even me). My action taking is finally paying off! I stopped buying a million shiny objects because now I have everything I need to be successful under one roof! I also should mention the incredible support and back end things they do to drive traffic for you as well, doubling your efforts.

I urge you to watch this video in case you missed it, and prepare to take notes. It could be the beginning of changing your life for the better, but you have to show up and TAKE ACTION, first.

To Your Health and Wealth!


Getting in the Mindset for Success

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blackboard-398453_1280I am going to evolve into the best I can be this year. I want to become my best authentic self so I can help others. How will I do that, you may ask. I believe we  have all been born with natural gifts, and we are all forever a work in progress. We were born with all the tools we need, we just need to develop them. It’s kind of like in the Wizard of Oz, when Glinda, the Good Witch tells Dorothy she’s “always had the power.” You just need to tap into it. I believe as you discover your unique gifts and share them with others, you will be helping them to grow, and you will also grow your business as a result. Good gets more good. Giving gets Gifts. Got it?

Some of the steps you can take to do this are:

Create a Vision Board

Think about what you want for your personal life, professional life, emotionally, and spiritually. Maybe it’s more travel, better health, more financial stability, etc. By designing a vision board you are designing your life, by simply putting your desires out there in the universe. Put it in a prominent place so you can view it every morning as a reminder to keep you inspired and on track.

According to Harvard Medical School, “Creative Visualization is real. It’s a powerful force that works to create future outcomes.”

You can either create this with a pair of scissors, some magazines, and a nice color poster board. If you are the touchy feely type, this is for you. However, if you like to play with software and enjoy the instant gratification it provides, (like Moi) there are several free software programs out there. Here is one example of a free on-line vision board software that I really like:

Also, I would highly recommend some great reading or recordings of some highly motivational speaker. I especially love Brendan Burchard’s recent book Motivation Manifesto. you can get it free here, just pay the $7 shipping, for real! And, as an awesome bonus, Brendon recaps each chapter with an online video to reinforce what you learned. I love this so much, it has become like a bible.

So now you have your work cut out for you. Get Going, Get Giving, Get Growing!

If you like this post, please comment below, and I will respond.

Thanks for sharing the journey!



Letting Go of Bad Habits

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Letting Go of Bad Habits, by Amy Zellmer

Today we’re going to talk about letting go. Letting go of fear and control (which is a result of fear). There are certain areas that most of us are guilty of in our business and personal life and I want to touch on a few of them and help you become more aware of what it is you may be doing to self-sabotage yourself unknowingly, and learn ways to change them into positive and healthier attributes.

Analysis Paralysis. Do you tend to over analyze everything you do? This gets you stuck and you start over thinking everything. Stop thinking and start moving!

Impatience. This is my own weakness, and I realize it and am working through it. This causes us to screw up our dreams. I tend to react quickly instead of thinking it through thoroughly and am learning to sit on an idea for a few minutes or run it by someone else before jumping into it. If you’re impatient you have to learn that things take time, it’s like planting a seed and waiting for the plant to grow. We have to nurture it and love it.

Attachment ….. this one can cause suffocation and death of an idea! You get too attached to an idea and aren’t willing to move forward unless it’s used, even if it might be a bad idea!

Pursuing Perfection… how many of you are perfectionists? You won’t let anyone help you with anything because you need to be in control of it? This leads to putting things off. You’re too concerned about getting it perfect before you launch that it either never launches or takes forever to launch. You’re missing out on opportunities. This is usually a fear of failure if you get it wrong….

Doubting the universe. When we doubt that we can have exactly what we want we start comparing ourselves to others, getting jealous, resentment, stagnant, and feeling sorry for ourselves. You need to trust in the universe completely and believe in yourself.

Negative Self Talk. This leads to all of the above that we just covered. It can be seriously damaging. I want you to really pay attention to the words you use and your confidence… especially in front of a client. You need to start embracing who you are and love yourself deeply and completely!! No one else can love you and your work unless you love yourself FIRST!!

We need to understand that in order to move forward, improve our skills, and become a better professional and business owner is a result of making mistakes and learning from them. Don’t beat yourself up if you realize that you are doing several these. The first step forward is acknowledging that you need to make some changes. ALL of us find ourselves in at least two of these categories, it’s totally normal. Taking baby steps towards change is going to help you feel less overwhelmed.

Now it’s your turn: I want you to identify where it is you’re having trouble letting go. Chances are it’s more than one of the items listed. What can you do to start changing that behavior? Leave a comment below and let us know you’re answers!

Amy Zellmer

Amy Zellmer

Amy Zellmer is a Creative Coach who lives in Saint Paul, MN with her Yorkie, Pixxie. She works with Creative Entrepreneurs who are ready to work through the issues that are holding them back and keeping them stuck. She believes that we ALL deserve as much success as we aspire to have, and she can help you get there!! Grab her free toolkit “3 Simple Strategies To Supercharge Your SUCCESS!!” at: and connect with Amy on social media:


Paralyzed by Perfection?

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perfectionpicYou might have Perfectionitis. If this is what’s holding you back, I have a fix!

It’s called, taking ACTION! Don’t worry about getting it perfect the first time, dotting every i or crossing every t. For me, this was very difficult to learn because all my life I tried to get things right, no matter how many tries it took, before leaping into action. Life is a work in progress, and so are you. Remember that we each have our own amazing and unique DNA, we were made that way, and that’s what gives us each our own bragging rights. That’s why you should never compare your work to others, especially the ones who have years of experience over you. You have or will develop your own style of doing things, whether it’s writing or developing relationships on your Fan Page. Don’t try to change who you are, just be the best of who you already are.

The only way to improve on something is to practice the art itself. You can read all the books and take all the courses you want, but until you have a live blog and started publishing posts, you aren’t learning live, on the street. You can read all day about how to sail a boat or ride a bicycle, but until you get out there and DO it, you can’t get better at it, since there is no baseline. Get out of your own way, and jump in, the water’s fine!

If it’s not perfect the first time, it will be better the next time, and the time after that.
“Practice Makes Perfect”, remember? LOL Take Action, learn from your mistakes instead of being afraid of them. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not moving forward. While the world moves forward you are standing still, and the internet world travels pretty fast! Just Learn from your mistakes, refresh, retool, and move on!

Are you a Perfectionist?
Here’s a quiz to find out how you rate on the Perfectionist scale:

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